The Backlash Begins: Does Kristen Stewart Really Think 'Twilight' Is A Bad Movie?

Kristen Stewart

From George Lucas to Michael Phelps to the Octo-Mom, every famous person has to deal with it at some point: Backlash. But now, as the vitriol begins to boil around Kristen Stewart, we have to wonder: Are the Twilighters being too mean?

The latest brouhaha began brewing when Robert Pattinson showed up to Sunday’s 81st Annual Academy Awards without the “Twilight” leading lady on his arm. As fans know, from the MTV Movie Awards to Comic-Con and various other events throughout 2009, it was extremely rare to see one actor making a publicity appearance without the other nearby. Immediately, rumors began circulation that there was more to KStew’s conspicuous absence than met the eye.

Sure enough, when the 18-year-old’s father John Stewart (no, not that one) showed up on the red carpet, the TV producer was approached by the incomparable Billy Bush. George W.’s cousin asked Kristen’s dad why she wasn’t presenting with RPattz, and his answer was as honest as it was shocking.

He said that Kristen would present at the Oscars, “When it’s a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money.”

So basically, in addition to revealing the belief of Kristen’s father that “Twilight” is not a great movie, the quote seems to imply that the star agrees with her Dad. Piled on top of this comment is Stewart’s recent interview with “Nylon” magazine in which she referred to the “psychotic situations” and “bullsh—questions” of the “Twilight” promotional tour. Which brings us to the fallout in recent days from the Twilighters.

“Wow!” wrote “popsicle14” in an comments section. “She's the biggest snob in Hollywood.”

“While I can imagine how overwhelming the situation may be, this girl needs to get over herself!” wrote “kris10.” “If it is true she is waiting to be in a ‘good’ movie before she attends the Oscars, she is going to be waiting a looooong time.”

Still, some Twilighters are quick to defend their Bella. “So she swears every now and then…whoopdie do,” a fan named “Ash” said of Stewart’s vernacular. “People don’t have to like her, she isn’t looking for anyone's approval, as we have seen/heard. She ultimately makes her own decisions. We can’t fault her, cause we DON’T know her...but you should respect her a bit for not being a ‘stereotypical’ young Hollywood actress.”

How do you feel about the recent statements made by Kristen and her father? Does she deserve the backlash, or do you still love your Bella?