Guillermo Del Toro Hopes To Visit 'Count Of Monte Cristo' With 'Gothic-Western' Twist

Guillermo del ToroGuillermo del Toro is keeping a tight lip on anything related to “The Hobbit” or “Hellboy III”, but during a recent interview with MTV News, he did offer updates on two of his big dream projects that are currently being shopped around.

“The movie that I would’ve loved to have made – and one day hope to make – is ‘The Count of Monte Cristo,’ del Toro said in an exclusive interview with MTV News. The screenplay, which may have the working title “The Left Hand of Darkness,” brings the Oscar-nominated trademark blend of the fantastic and horrific together in a re-imagination of Alexandre Dumas’s classic adventure novel.

“It’s a Gothic-Western retelling of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo,’ and I co-wrote it with [Kitt Carson] and Matthew Robbins around 1993 to 1998,” the director explained. “I wrote a lot of that during the kidnapping of my father, so it’s of a lot of rage.” Del Toro’s father was kidnapped in 1997 and held for 72 days before his family paid the requested ransom and he was returned.

“I adore that screenplay,” del Toro said the ‘Monte Cristo’ story. “That, or I would have to say [‘At the] Mountain of Madness,’ which is my pet big project.” Rumors have flown around since before “Hellboy II” that del Toro would turn his attentions [ ] next toward this epic adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s 1936 novel.

Asked if he would consider handing over his screenplays for another director to take on, the Mimic director emphatically emphasized his plans to keep creative control close to home. “I hope not,” he stated. “If I can fight, sue, or hit someone to keep the project with me, I will keep them. And I’ll get them made.”

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