Hopkins Volunteers To Play Simon Cowell In 'American Idol' Film

Sir Anthony Hopkins’ appearance at the Kodak Theatre was completely expected Sunday night. The respected movie badass and former Best Actor winner for “Silence of the Lambs” is, after all, an annual fixture for the Academy Awards. What far fewer Oscar watchers likely anticipated, however, was the British film icon’s confession of love for “American Idol.”

“I’m an ‘American Idol’ addict,” Hopkins told MTV News in an exclusive interview from the red carpet. Asked to name his guilty entertainment pleasures, the “Beowulf” and upcoming “King Lear” star offered up his TV habit shamelessly.

Hopkins went on to express appreciation for a fellow U.K. native, naming his favorite judge without hesitation.

“Simon,” he stated, “because he’s so brutally honest.” The knighted performer cited Cowell’s trademark candor, praising his uncensored nature.

“There’s no political correctness with him,” Hopkins stated. “He says it as it is.”

Just how fascinated is Sir Anthony with the most feared judge on “American Idol”?

“I could do a movie about him,” Hopkins proposed, volunteering to star in the role of Simon Cowell. “Hey how about that? Rubbish!”

Would you like to see Sir Anthony Hopkins take a stab at the life of Simon Cowell onscreen? Are you surprised by his TV preferences? Share your opinions in the comment section below!