EXCLUSIVE: Ron Howard On 'Arrested Development' Film: 'It's Going Ahead'

'Arrested Development'The status of the “Arrested Development” movie has vexed and teased fans of the Emmy-winning Fox show almost since the day it was unjustly canceled. The project’s various rumors -- it’s happening! It’s dead! Wait, it’s totally on again! -- were more confusing than Tobias Fünke’s sexual preferences. Last month at Sundance, Michael Cera told MTV News that there was no script and he didn’t even know if he’d reprise his role as George Michael Bluth. Then co-star Jeffrey Tambor hit back, claiming Cera was in and the movie would film before the end of the year.

It seemed like every time a cast member opened his mouth, the mystery only deepened. So when we had the chance to speak with executive producer Ron Howard on the red carpet at the Oscars, we asked him to kick us some truth. He did, and now MTV News can exclusively confirm that the “Arrested Development” is happening.

“It’s going ahead,” Howard confirmed.

Last Friday he sat down with series creator Mitch Hurwitz to discus the project. “I had a great meeting with Mitch,” Howard said. “Things are going really well. He’s writing.”

So has Cera signed on? What about the rest of the main cast? And what sort of shenanigans will the Bluth family become embroiled in this time? Give us something, anything!

“We’ve been asked to no longer divulge anything or get into the game of who’s in, who’s out,” Howard told us. “People are going to have to see.”

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Well Bluth fans, are you psyched that the film is finally moving forward? Or do you think they should leave well enough alone?