The Jonas Brothers 'Cut To The Chase' In '3D Concert Experience' Clip

'Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert ExperienceWith the "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" movie just 4 days away, we'll be highlighting one clip a day from the film to help you JoBros fans get hyped up, as if you need our help.

Today's clip features the song "Cut to the Chase" and highlights you, Jonas Brothers fans. What I want to know is this: what was it like to be an extra in this scene? I'm pretty sure no one had to do any real acting, and the direction was probably just to do what comes naturally. This kind of excitement couldn't be faked anyway. So I'm sure everyone was just acting as if they were filming a scene with the Jonas Brothers, because they were!

But for an entire day of shooting? That must have been exhausting! All that adrenaline … all that running … these lucky fans must have slept for days after their big day on the set. (Watch the video after the jump!)