'G.I. Joe' Super Bowl Spot Revealed! Check Out Snake Eyes In Action

The RockThe first official footage is finally out there for "G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra" and now it's up to you. Is this first sneak peek making you scream "Yo Joe, that's awesome!" or "No Joe! What the hell?!?" The thirty second spot set for a worldwide broadcast debut tomorrow night during the Super Bowl is available via a sneak peak over at Coming Soon right now.

So what do you think? The characters are all there. Sienna Miller is a sultry baroness. That's for sure. But what about Channing Tatum as Duke? Dennis Quaid as Hawk? Christopher Eccleston as Destro? Clearly the action is big (the poor Eiffel Tower...) and yes, Snake Eyes does a cool flip or two but what's your sense of the story? Can this possibly deliver the live-action Joe adventure we've all craved for so long?

Don't hold back. Tell us what you think.