Channing Tatum Joins 'Brotherhood Of The Rose' As Orphaned Assassin

Channing TatumIt looks like Channing Tatum is gunning for our next list of badass greats. He's racking up plenty of action roles, which some find surprising given his "Step Up" past. But come on -- would you actually dare to mock this guy for his dancing skills? I didn't think so.

According to Variety, Tatum is set to star in "The Brotherhood of the Rose," an adaptation of the David Morrell thriller. He'll play one of two orphans raised by a CIA operative, and trained to become an assassin. Both boys become targets themselves in a game of double-crossing and deadly espionage.

(Here it should be pointed out that Morrell was the father of Rambo -- he wrote the novel "First Blood," which turned into a little action movie you might have seen. So now you know what kind of blood and guts you're in for.)

Dito Montiel will write and direct the film for Warner Bros. He's obviously a Tatum fan, since he just directed him in "Fighting," which hits theaters on April 24. Tatum will also be seen as Duke in "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" and Pretty Boy Floyd in "Public Enemies." Gangsters, GI Joes, fighters, and assasins -- we get it, Channing. We'll pencil you on the list for our badass showdown in 2020.

MTV readers, are you excited to see Tatum do something besides dance? Or are all these action roles a bit too much, and you'd rather see him show his soft side in romances like "Dear John"?