Neil Marshall's 'Centurion' Enlists A Cast, Targets Ancient Epic

Dominic WestIf "300" left you desperate for Old World, over-the-top carnage, you're in luck. According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Neil Marshall ("Doomsday") will finally be moving forward with "Centurion." He's landed two ex-Spartans for it too -- Michael Fassbinder and Dominic West have both signed on to star alongside Bond girl Olga Kurylenko. Eye candy for the girls and the boys both!

Marshall penned the script, which is being described as a thriller set during the Roman invasion of Britain in 117 A.D. It's centered on one Quintus Dias, the sole survivor of a Roman frontier fort that was raided by the Picts. He joins the legendary Ninth Legion, led by General Virilus, who are marching under orders to eliminate the entire Pictish race and their leader, Gorlacon.

It's not clear which Spartan plays which Roman soldier, but there promises to be a lot of beheadings, gratuitous gore, and maybe even an impalement or two. If you've seen "Doomsday," you know exactly what you're in store for -- and it isn't going to be historical accuracy.

Still, wouldn't you rather watch a film that reveled in that instead of claiming to be a "real" story like a recent version of King Arthur?

Readers, are you into seeing some historically inaccurate violence? Can you be lured in by the sexy cast? Or will it be too silly for your movie dollar?