Aronofsky Promises His 'RoboCop' Will Respect Fans, But Weller Cameo Not Guaranteed

'RoboCop'Ever since Darren Aronofsky opened up with news that his ‘RoboCop’ project would be a reboot of the franchise, we’ve had plenty of questions for him about how his vision will define itself. Now, the “Fountain” and “Requiem for a Dream” director has leaked a little more insight and not only pointed out where he sees room to grow with the film, but let on that a Peter Weller appearance may not be part of the deal.

“The thing that’s exciting for a filmmaker like me about [“RoboCop”] is that it’s not as iconic as some of the other titles out there, so there’s room to do stuff with it,” Aronofsky told MTV News. “It had incredible insight into the future, and it’s still hilarious,” he added.

Chatting on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, he elaborated on why the time is ripe for an evolved take on original director Paul Verhoeven’s classic, which he called “a masterful film.” Masterful or not, Aronofsky appeared more than ready to rebuild the “RoboCop” with his own updated interpretation.

“The world has so changed—how much every one of us is somewhat of a cyborg at this point with cell phones hanging out of us, with implants of all different types.” Aronofsky posed. In the same breath, however, he cautioned that the project is still in its early stages. “I think there’s a lot of really timely ideas in it. If it comes together, it’ll be great, but who knows?”

As for a possible cameo by original star Peter Weller, Aronofsky backed away from any commitments. “I can’t make any promises,” he assured, “but I’ll show as much respect to the fans as I can.”

Do you think Weller deserves a place in Aronofsky’s redesigned “RoboCop”? Is Aronofsky on target when he says the world is ready for an updated version of the film? Speak up with your own thoughts in the comments section below!