'The Thing' Re-Imagining Finally Moves Forward, Director Now Attached

'The Thing' (1982)It's been tapped twice before, most famously by John Carpenter, and now "The Thing" is getting a third treatment as Universal's long-gestating re-imagining of the classic tale finally moves forward. "Battlestar Galactica" executive producer Ronald Moore is still penning the script, and according to Variety the project now has its director: Matthijs Van Heijningen, confirming earlier reports.

Of course, John Carpenter's "Thing" was itself a remake of Howard Hawks' 1951 film "The Thing From Another World." The remake aims to stick close to the short story that spawned both movies, John W. Campbell Jr.'s chilling "Who Goes There."

The story goes a little something like this -- a group of Norwegian researchers in Antarctica discover an alien spaceship buried in the ice. They thaw it out (always a bad idea) and awaken its alien pilot, who can assume the form of any living thing, perfectly mimicking its personality and even absorbing its memories.

Of course, carnage and mayhem ensue, as the researchers try to figure out exactly who is being impersonated by the alien, and how to destroy it. Apparently, the story will be a bit of a prequel, and focus on the first team to find the alien, rather than the Americans who stumble on their ruined base.

This is Van Heijningen's second feature film -- he jumped from doing commercials to developing "Army of the Dead" with Zack Snyder. Snyder also made the leap from commercials to that "Dawn of the Dead" remake, and look where he's ended up. Perhaps a similar future awaits Van Heijningen.

MTV readers, are you sick of horror remakes? Or do you think "The Thing" is just begging to be remade by an up and coming director?