McLovin' Eager to Watch Nic Cage 'Kick-Ass,' Then Make Sequel Plans

'Kick-Ass'FROM SPLASH PAGE: When we recently listed our most anticipated comic-based movies of 2009, there was little doubt that we had to save a spot for the next flick from the mind of “Wanted” creator Mark Millar: the everyday hero story "Kick-Ass." And after getting a recent look at the "Kick-Ass" cast -- which includes the unusual teaming of Nicolas Cage and “Superbad” super-geek Christopher Mintz-Plasse, we have a feeling that when this flick comes out later this year, we’ll be McLovin’ it.

So naturally, when we recently caught up with Mintz-Plasse, we had to ask him whether “Kick Ass” will, well … do exactly that.

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