Krysten Ritter Is Ready For A Big-Screen 'Veronica Mars'

Krysten RitterContributed by Silas Lesnick

Though Krysten Ritter hits the big screen in February's "Confessions of a Shopaholic," a lot of fans remember her best from her continuing role on "Veronica Mars" as Gia Goodman, a part she says she'd love to return to if the long-rumored "Mars" film ever hits the big screen.

Appearing throughout most of the second of the season, Gia was a one-time friend to Veronica who broke off the friendship when Veronica began investigating Gia's father, baseball team owner Woody Goodman.

Though Krysten's character sort of disappeared as Veronica left for college in season three, she remained a fan-favorite. A potential "Mars" movie was news to Gia, but she was quick to announce her willingness to participate.

"Absolutely! I'd be there in a second," she exclaimed to MTV News. "I love K. Bell. I think she's so talented. I would do anything with her."

It wouldn't be hard to imagine that the plot of a "Veronica Mars" movie would involve Veronica coming back to her hometown of Neptune as a professional. After all, the proposed fourth season would have taken Veronica to the FBI Academy. Bringing her back to the west coast for a case would satisfy the fans and allow all kinds of characters from the show to make guest appearances. I'd certainly be happy to see Gia among them.

Would you want to see Gia Goodman make a comeback in a "Veronica Mars"

movie? What other Neptune residents would you want to make an appearance? Give us your thoughts below!

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