MTV Staffers Unbox The Magical Edward Cullen Doll

Contributed by Nicole Guanlao

As an employee here at MTV News, I've been lucky enough to be in the presence of celebrities, but I still haven't had that crazy star-struck moment when my palms get all sweaty and I can’t speak a word of English. I came pretty close when I met my journalist crush Anderson Cooper, but I managed to get a few words out and refrained from giving him an impromptu hug - which would probably make the meeting a bit awkward.

My AC meltdown is nothing compared to how much of a hyperventilating mess I’d be if I ever met one of my all time celebrity crushes: Robert Pattinson. (I’d like to give a shout out to my #2 crush: New England Patriots QB Tom Brady)

I haven’t met my celebrity crush yet, so I thought to myself, “What’s the next best thing?”

Get my hands on the Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen doll of course! R-Pattz’s face already graces the bulletin board next to my desk, so it’s only fitting for me to add the Edward Cullen doll to my collection of Pattinson mementos.

Overall, I think the Edward Cullen doll looks great. It looks so much better than the constipated Edward dolls they were selling at Hot Topic. I can’t believe my co-worker, James Montgomery, was going to throw this collector’s item away! Just look at how excited I got when I first laid my eyes on the Edward doll!

To celebrate the arrival of the Edward Cullen doll to MTV News, I’ve decided to jot down the top 5 reasons we love this plastic version of the dreamy vampire.

1.) He looks so stylish wearing Edward’s trademark grey wool coat, dark denim jeans, and t-shirt.

2.) He came with shoes and socks, because we all know vampires and dolls need socks. But would Edward really need socks since he’s “cold” all the time doesn’t really sweat? Point to ponder.

3.) He would never go on a date with Barbie.

4.) He’d totally kick Ken’s ass in a fight.

5.) He resembles Robert Pattinson, and anything that resembles Robert Pattinson is going to be awesome.

My only issue with the doll - which to some may be a huge problem - is his hair. Edward’s hair is the perfect kind of messy, while the Edward doll’s hair is just plain old messy. I’m going to blame the hairnet the doll came in for that disaster. I’ll cut the doll some slack since it can’t possibly be as perfect as the on-screen Edward Cullen.

I also got my hands on the Bella Swan doll, which wasn’t as awesome as its counterpart. They got the brown pants and brown jacket right, but for some reason, she was sporting this sparkly, floral, peasant top with a bright green tank top. I don’t quite remember Bella’s wardrobe be that floral or frilly. Her hair was also quite puffy and longer than I would have expected. Her hair reminded me more of Victoria’s mane rather than Bella’s.

What do you think of the dolls? Would you buy them? Let us know!