Jerry Bruckheimer Debuts 'Prince of Persia' Poster Within His Own Film, 'Confessions Of A Shopoholic

Contributed by Silas Lesnick

Fans looking for a first look at the poster art for the upcoming, "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" will have to head to the movie theater to see it, though it won't be in the place they might expect.

Mega-Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has hidden the poster inside his latest film, "Confessions of a Shopaholic", appearing as a Times Square advertisement about halfway into the film. It joins posters for a number of other Bruckheimer productions, including the upcoming "G-Force", though "Persia" is unique in that it marks the first time the films' artwork has been seen anywhere.

Prominently featured on the poster is lead actor Jake Gyllenhaal in full-costume as Prince Dastan. The film, based on the classic videogame, is an action/adventure that, in the words of it's original

creator, combines the Arabian Nights genre with the style of "Pirates of the Caribbean."

There's an interesting history of "inside joke" billboards in films. Quentin Tarantino often features advertisements for his fictional cigarette brand, "Red Apple"; JJ Abrams showcases "Slusho" in his movies to the point that it spilled out and became viral marketing and Akiva Goldsmith created extraordinary internet buzz with his imaginary "Batman vs. Superman" poster in "I Am Legend."

Still, this may be the first time we're given a sneak peak at something that is actually on its way and the debate can begin as to whether or not this is a fun treat for fans (assuming the demographic

of "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and "Prince of Persia" lines up somewhere) or if it's a case of media over-saturation.

Do you think this is all in good fun or should posters stay in the lobby? Let us know below!