Breaking: Isla Fisher Joins Johnny Depp In 'Rango'

Johnny DeppContributed by Silas Lesnick

While talking to Isla Fisher at this weekend's "Confessions of a Shopaholic" junket, MTV News learned about an exciting bit of casting; Fisher has joined Gore Verbinski's 2011 animated adventure film, "Rango".

Already set to star Johnny Depp as a household pet who goes on a fantastic adventure, the film reunites Depp with the "Pirates" director. Fisher is set to voice a lizard that Depp's character

encounters on his travels.

In addition to Depp and Fisher, "Rango" stars Ian Abercrombie and Hemky Madera as well as the just-announced Abigail Breslin.

Fisher also noted that Verbinski is going for a completely original approach to animated filmmaking. The entire movie is being acted out live but, rather than serve as a base for motion capture or rotoscoping, the live version will be used to aide the animators in capturing the characters' movements and facial features. While it's not uncommon for a camera to be present in a recording booth for just that reason, Fisher seemed to imply that Verbinski's approach is much more elaborate, something the director has hinted will allow an unprecedented on-screen focus on the actors.

Though you'd never be able to tell from her acting roles, Fisher's real voice has a heavy Australian accent. Her performance in "Rango", though, will be a brand-new voice altogether. Check back tomorrow for the video interview and a chance to hear it for the first time.

Can you picture Isla Fisher as a lizard? Who else would you like to see join the ever-growing voice cast? Let us know below!