Tobey Maguire Snags 'Good People' Thriller, Development Timeline Depends On 'Spider-Man'

Tobey MaguireThese days, Tobey Maguire seems to be in a race with his pal Leonardo DiCaprio as to who can line up the biggest production slate for their respective companies. According to Variety, The Film Department and Maguire Entertainment have obtained the rights to "Good People," the latest crime thriller by Marcus Sakey. It's being developed as a starring vehicle for Maguire, as is the case with all his producing projects.

"Good" centers on a young couple who are deeply in debt after a round of failed fertility treatments. All their problems seem to be solved when they find $400,000 in a deceased tenant's apartment -- but you know money like that just has to have suspicious origins. Their initial excitement is squashed when a drug dealer, a vengeful robber, and a suspicious cop all come looking for the money and the man who hid it.

The script is being written by Kelly Masterson, but the project does not yet have a director attached. If Maguire decides to star, the project could be delayed for quite awhile depending on his "Spider-Man" commitments -- and the third installment wiped the guy out enough that he's taken a pretty long break from acting. ("Brothers," his first film since "Spider-Man 3" comes out sometime this year.)

Despite the recent report that "Spider-Man 4" will begin filming in 2010, it would be nice to see him onscreen again when he wasn't web-slinging, so let's hope he decides to take the "Good People" lead.

MTV readers, have you missed Tobey Maguire onscreen? Or are you just eager for him to get to filming "Spider-Man 4" already?