Michael Cera On 'Arrested Development' Movie: 'More Hypothetical Than People Think'

We've been covering rumors of an "Arrested Development" movie for nearly a year now, and have spoken about it to most of the actors involved. Everyone from Jason Bateman and Will Arnett have voiced their support of bringing the cult show to the bigscreen. But recently a newer rumor popped up claiming that Cera was the lone holdout of the cast. So is it true?

Speaking to MTV News to promote his Sundance film "Paper Heart," Cera refuted the rumors, saying that he's merely waiting for a script. But that may be a long time coming, claims the actor, labeling the film as "more hypothetical than people think." Check out his (rather hilarious) comments in the video below, and then click here to watch all of our celebrity interviews from Sundance, including Kristen Stewart, Jim Carrey, Mike Tyson and many more.