Sundance: 'Gossip Girl' Michelle Trachtenberg Gossips To MTV About Her Return

Spotted at Sundance: Michelle Trachtenberg out showing off her film "Against the Current" all over Park City.

The actress stopped in at the MySpace Cafe to chat about many things including her return to "Gossip Girl" this spring, which means Serena had better get ready for life to turn upside down once again. So, what could Georgina possibly do to the Upper East Side now that the big secret's been dealt with? And, how's she even going to find her way home after Blair had her banished?

We turned to the source ... and she has no idea.

Michelle says she's in the dark on her character's future, but does tell us what she'd like to see for Georgina and her big return.

Where would you like to see the "Gossip Girl" creators take the Georgina character?