Sundance Fashion: Paris Hilton Vs. Emma Roberts

Sundance fashion is tricky. If you're lucky enough to have a film here, you're hopping from event to event, day and night. If not, you're still going from place to place, non-stop. So, what on earth do you wear?

Paris Hilton isn't promoting a film this year, but that doesn't stop her from being everywhere cool on Main Street. MTV News has set up shop at the MySpace Cafe by the lifts, and we've seen Paris saunter in and out a couple of times in the past few days. Yesterday, her daytime look was less snow-bunny than I would have expected. In fact, she looked pretty badass, if you disregard her kitty hat and matching mittens. Come night, Paris did a complete transformation. Still edgy, she showed up to 50 Cent's dinner in a leopard print coat with matching shoes. (Check out photo comparisons after the jump.)

On the other end of the fashion spectrum, Emma Roberts kept it simple, yet chic yesterday. Out promoting her film "Lymelife," Emma wore all black, except for her jacket. And the outerwear made the outfit. During the day, she chose a short white coat with matching white gloves. Then, at the "Lymelife" dinner, she showed up in a more snazzy plaid jacket.

Check out all the celebrity Sundance fashions in our photo gallery, and let me ask you this: If you were here in Park City, would you try to dress in something that works for both day and night, or would your suitcase be stuffed with both daytime and evening attire?

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