Sundance Party Report: Saturday Night Fever

Contributed by Matt Elias

Saturday night is the pinnacle party night at Sundance -- with most of the weekend worriers heading back on Sunday -- and last night didn’t disappoint.

Over at the Axe Fix party, things where in full swing by midnight. Steve Aoki was manning the DJ booth, playing an energetic and lengthy set. At one point he even climbed to the top of the speakers, almost hitting his head on the ceiling, to fire up the crowd. Nikky Hilton was in attendance at the cozy party, where there enough party-goers to fill the space but not too many to feel over packed. It was just the right mix of a great DJ, unpretentious Sundancers, and plenty of drinks to lubricate the evening.

Steve Aoki

Hopping over to Hard Rock’s party at Hollywood Life House, they pretty much transplanted their famous Las Vegas club Body English to Park City, and it was still rocking into the late hours of the night. Jam-packing plenty of beautiful people you would expect at a Sundance event, the venue housed a few different rooms for people to enjoy the party. Over in the main room, the dance floor pretty much filled up the entire space. There were a few go-go dancers to give it that classic Vegas feel. Over in one of the smaller rooms, people could still hear the music without having to shout over each other – a great touch.

Steve Aoki

All in all it was a great night to party at Sundance. With attendance a little lower this year, it’s a lot easier to party hop between the big Sundance nighttime events – making even a “regular person” like myself feel like the A-listers who are standing next to me at the bar.