Sundance: My Night With Paris -- Or One MTV Staffer's Birthday Experience

They say to always expect the unexpected. And this is a tale, my friends, of one stranger passing in the night with another more famous and better looking stranger. You see, today is my birthday, and while I traditionally celebrate it by tearing down Christmas lights with my cat, I figured I'd roll normal Sundance partying into a larger, grander affair. Just like the inauguration!

Coincidently, my fellow MTV'ers Adam and Matt happened to be following ex-Danity Kane member Aubrey O'Day (watch that video here), and wouldn't you know it, we ended up at the same club. Much dancing (by others) ensued, and I got the first of numerous hugs by Aubrey and her flock of blonde-haired beauties. And then it took a sharp turn towards surreal.

I had actually left the club before returning later that night, and my colleague Rachel off-handedly remarked that Paris Hilton had dropped by. Apparently Aubrey is her true BFF (sorry MTV winner -- although to be fair, Paris did have them in tow). Also apparently, Paris enjoys wearing masks.

Suddenly, chaos. "We're on the move!" Paris had grown tired. And unwittingly, I became part of her entourage. We rolled into two big SUVs driven by two large men, and off we went to another club. We arrived and it was like Moses parting the sea. Forget the mob of people waiting to get in, we brushed right past them and marched to the back of the joint where Paris promptly climbed onto a table.

You can probably guess how the rest went because Paris' routine is pretty formulaic nowadays: sweep into a club, get your picture taken, and jump on furniture. I'm not trying to slight her, she's a girl who knows what she likes, and she has the money and fame to make it all reality. Plus, she's pretty nice. When I told her it was my birthday (yeah, I know), she gave me a hug and kissed my cheek.

And then someone snapped a photo of us. I'm including it below only because this whole experience was kind of amazing and I want to prove it to the world. And yes, I know my neck and head are bent at inhuman angles. I can't explain it either. But you'd be the same after guzzling down birthday drinks and then standing next to a billionaire debutante.

So yeah, that's my night with Paris.