Sundance: Our Unpredictable Night Out With Aubrey O'Day And Paris Hilton

Adam Stewart with Paris BFF's and Audrey's best friend TiffanyContributed by Adam Stewart

Last night, field producer Matt Elias and I ventured out for an evening that we knew would be “interesting” to say the least…but little did we know that our night would turn into a velvet rope/V.I.P. jaunt with Paris Hilton, Aubrey O’Day and their personal entourages.

The night started innocently enough, with Aubrey and her best childhood friend inviting us out for a night on the town, as only they could do it. We arrived at the Axe Fix Night Club and were bombarded by paparazzi and screaming fans alike.

As we hurried down the red carpet, we were given the all-star treatment and began to party and dance night away to the ever so sweet sounds of DJ AM.

In any other realm of existence … that’s a pretty hard night to beat…that is until Paris Hilton walks into the door with new BFF Britney in arm. This is when the Party truly began, as if we weren’t having enough fun already!

Another one of our MTV Staffer’s, Brian, even stole a birthday kiss on the cheek from Paris – lucky fella, he won’t stop talking about it for at least a week. After a couple of hours (and cocktails), we left the Axe party, hoped into Aubrey’s limo’s, and rolled up to Tao Nightclub - yes, Tao Las Vegas shipped a night club up to Park City – a wise move!

Again we had crowds and paparazzi as we were hurried off to a VIP table, and as the drinks were poured and the music thumped, Matt and I turned to each other and suddenly felt bad for our other field producer Matt Harper, who decided to take it easy and sit in our mountain lodge watching ‘The Wire’ on all by his lonesome.

Sorry Matt, you just really can’t predict this kind of stuff!