Sundance Photo Booth: The Cast Of 'Mystery Team'

It was only last week that we premiered an exclusive clip of "Mystery Team," so it should still be in your head. But just in case it isn't, we got the low-down on the film from the NYC comedy troupe called Derrick that's responsible for this (hilarious) madness.

"The premise is the three of us play these three high school seniors," the group explained. "And when we were little kids we had this Encyclopedia Brown-style kid detective agency. The movie opens up and were like 18-years-old and we're still doing it the exact same way. so to prove to us and the town we could still be detectives as adults, we take it upon ourselves to solve a double murder."

For the troupe -- comprised of Dominic Dierkes, Donald Glover, DC Pierson, Dan Eckman and Meggie McFadden -- the project was their first foray into the worlds of feature-length filmmaker. With that in mind, the group -- responsible for writing/filming/directing/scoring/editing the movie -- was painfully clear to ensure that they were delivering something that the audience wants.

"We kind of felt that Encyclopedia Brown, Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew...everybody knows it," they told us. "So that was a cool thing that we wanted to do for a while. It's a premise that people seem to jump on."

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