Emma Stone Joining Woody Harrelson For 'Zombieland'

Emma StoneIf zombie comedy and Woody Harrelson weren't enough to get your attention for the upcoming film "Zombieland," superhot "Superbad" actress Emma Stone looks ready to jump into the cast as well. Stone is in final negotiations to join Harrelson and co-star Jesse Eisenberg in the Southwest-based screenplay to be directed by Ruben Fleischer, according to Variety.

Reportedly centering around a mismatched couple caught up in a zombie apocalypse, the story sounds like a fine fit for Stone, who's got a tough-as-nails demeanor on-screen. The girl certainly stole a few hearts as Jonah Hill's elusive crush Jules back in "Superbad."

In addition to filling out its main cast, "Zombieland" may be making a few zombie extra wannabees' dreams come true down in George, according to a report from Ain't It Cool News. The tip-off from purported walk-on actor calling himself Suspiran quoted the sheet he was given by the casting director as stating the following:

"Our Zombies are ferocious, infected people that move erratically. They are diseased, as opposed to undead. These are not the lumbering walking dead of Romero's zombie movies, but instead the super jacked up 28 Days Later / Dawn of the Dead (2004) zombies. They are scary and gnarly and gross."

Currently tagged for a 2010 release date, we could be looking at the first decent American response to "Shawn of the Dead," which currently sits virtually unchallenged atop the all-too-thin zombie comedy genre.

Are you anxious to see Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson take on a world of zombies? Would you like to see more zombie comedy in theaters? Speak up and let everyone know below in the comments section!