Keanu Reeves To Star In Live-Action 'Cowboy Bebop' Adaptation

'Cowboy Bebop'Last month, MTV caught up with Keanu Reeves about his dream project -- a live-action remake of the anime classic, "Cowboy Bebop." Reeves confirmed that he and Fox were "trying to do that" and that a writer was attached. Now, The Hollywood Reporter is confirming that Reeves is set to play Spike Spiegel, and that Peter Craig is writing the script. No director has been named.

The sound you might hear now is the howl of a thousand "Cowboy Bebop" fans, who have long been against Reeves' casting and of an American remake in general. I'm not even sure that the news that the original Bebop writing and production team of Kenji Uchida, Shinichiro Watanabe, Keiko Nobumoto, and Masahiko Minami are coming onboard as producers and production consultants will help soften the blow.

It's a rather dramatic time to be an anime fan, isn't it? All of the classic titles ("Akira," "Bebop," "Robotech," "Ninja Scroll") are being bought up and remade into big-budget live action flicks all over Hollywood. There hasn't been one that inspired a lot of excitement or hope -- fans prefer these stories in their classic, Japanese incarnations.

So, which studio will get their adaptation onscreen first? Which ones will crash and burn, and which will win new fans to the Japanese originals? It might be fun and wise to place your bets now, readers.

MTV readers and anime fans -- is there anything that can save a "Cowboy Bebop" movie for you, or does Reeves' casting doom it for you? Do you wish the Hollywood fascination with anime would end? Let's get the debate going.