Live From Utah, It's The MTV Movies Team At Sundance!

Sundance CrewGreetings from Utah! No, the MTV Movies team isn't on a "Big Love" reality tour (though we're psyched the show is back this week). The Sundance Film Festival is about to begin!

For about a week every year, the sleepy town that is Park City is transformed into the best place for celebrity rubber-necking this side of the Globes red carpet. Oh, and they show a few films too. And so your friendly MTV Movies reporters (that's us up in the corner) have donned our snow gear (though it's currently actually colder in NYC. Who knew?!?) to bring you the very best of the fest.

We're talking to everyone from Kristen Stewart to Guillermo del Toro. From Nick Cannon to Ralph Macchio (I know!). Such is the breadth of Sundance. So keep it right here on the Movies Blog and Splash Page for breaking news, interviews and reviews, straight from our sleepless, dedicated team on the ground. It'll be fun. Really.

And if you're looking to get primed for Sundance right now (you really need to learn to be more patient), check out a slew of exclusives and previews we've already debuted.

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Who do you want to hear from at Sundance this year? We're talking to all the stars, so who's got you interested?