Ron Howard Not Worried About Getting Michael Cera For 'Arrested Development' Movie

During a recent interview with MTV News, Michael Cera refuted rumors that he was the lone hold-out on an "Arrested Development" movie. At least one man at the top agrees. Speaking with MTV, Ron Howard laughed off any sign of worry that Michael Cera won’t be onboard for a big-screen feature. Despite the long-gestating nature of the project, the “Frost/Nixon” director remained positive.

“There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm within the cast,” said Howard. Asked if he thought the original “Arrested Development” cast would be reassembled for the film, he was optimistic. “I think so. I haven’t spoken to everybody, but everybody loved doing the show.”

However, there is definitely a disconnect somewhere between the show’s narrator-cum-film-director/producer and Cera, if the “Juno” star’s opinions are to be believed. Then again, Howard may know something he’s not telling. Whatever an “Arrested Development” cast looks like, though, it’s going to be noticeably amputated if Cera’s character, George-Michael, is a no-show.

As Howard indicated, though, the project is still in its early stages, so there is probably still time to wrangle those cast members who might still need convincing.

“Mitch Hurwitz is working on the script right now,” Howard cautioned. “Everybody is excited, but it’s not a ‘go’ movie.” The director also expressed faith in Hurwitz’s rapport with the cast as the show’s creator.

“When we really know what people’s schedules are, really know what the screenplay is, I’m sure Mitch will connect with everybody,” he assured.

Do you expect to see Michael Cera back at George-Michael for an “Arrested Development” film? What options do you think Hurwitz and Howard have if he declines? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comment section!