'Star Trek' Stars Zachary Quinto & Chris Pine Talk Sequels, Comparisons And William Shatner

Contributed by Silas Lesnick

"Star Trek" stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, the new Captain Kirk and Mister Spock, were in attendance at this year's Golden Globes, so MTV took the opportunity to catch a few details about their experiences on-set and their thoughts on a potential "Star Trek" sequel. Both stars acknowledged that they have some mighty big Starfleet-issue boots to fill.

Quinto claimed that he's not too worried about Leonard Nimoy's reaction to his take on everyone's favorite Vulcan first-officer, telling MTV, "[Nimoy's] been very involved with me personally and with the film. I don't really have any nerves about that."

While Quinto may have had to go up against Nimoy being there in-person, Pine had to deal with occasional web-bursts of William Shatner's Trek-related video-blogs. Is he worried that he might become the subject of a future YouTube rant?

"No, I feel really comfortable and good with what I did," said Pine, despite some obvious nervousness, "It's not going to be quite Mr. Shatner's interpretation. But I'm definitely looking forward to hearing his thoughts on it."

Neither Pine nor Quinto have even been able to see a cut of the full film yet, or even anything outside the 20 minutes screened for journalists but, probably not surprisingly, both actors are more than ready for the sequel.

"I can't wait to shave my eyebrows again," said Quinto.

Are Pine and Quinto ready to boldly go where a much-loved franchise has gone before? Let us know what you think in the comment section!