Sundance: Sam Rockwell Heads To Park City With Two Films In Tow

Sam RockwellRemember when Sam Rockwell told MTV News about his new movie “Moon” way back last February? And his basketball film “The Winning Season” back in August? A year later, he’s ready to break both out at Sundance, and he’s not stopping there. A Sundance veteran, Rockwell is bringing two films to the Utah film festival this year—and much, much more.

“A lot of condoms. Chaps. A thong. Cowboy hat. I'm ready to go!” the “Choke” and upcoming “Iron Man 2” actor said in an exclusive interview with MTV News. If anyone has been to Sundance enough times to know what the standards are, it’s Rockwell.

“This is either five or six for me,” he estimated. “I've lost track. I'm in New York, going there Friday night. Going there for a week.”

This year should be Rockwell’s chance to grab the spotlight with a big roll in director Duncan Jones’ new sci-fi thriller “Moon.” The futuristic “Robinson Crusoe” redux follows an astronaut trapped on the moon for three years.

“[‘Moon’ is] a really cool movie. It is the Sam Rockwell show,” the actor joked. “It's a Sam extravaganza. It was a bit terrifying when it sunk in that I had to do this. I saw a rough cut but I haven’t seen it with the special effects. I'm really excited to see it. “

Rockwell’s other film, Indiana-based basketball comedy “The Winning Season,” comes from director James C. Strouse—with a few liberties taken during shooting site selections, apparently.

“We shot [‘The Winning Season’] all over the different boroughs [in New York],” Rockwell revealed. “We were faking Indiana in Staten Island.” Asked about his role, he said, “I'm an alcoholic coach. It comes naturally to me.”

Rockwell first appeared at Sundance in 1996’s “Box of Moonlight” and took two films to the festival in 2007 with “Joshua” and “Snow Angels.” So of course he already has plenty of stories, which we’ll have to drill him for later. “I've had good times. I've had bad times. I've laughed and cried. It can be a real ride,” he assured.

What do you have your eye on this year at Sundance? Do you think Rockwell sounds like a good pick to play a marooned astronaut on the moon? Sound off in the comments section below!