Jaden Smith's 'Karate Kid' Remake Casts Jackie Chan As Mr. Miyagi

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chain in 'Rush Hour 3’You have to hand it to the producers remaking "The Karate Kid." If there's a way to replace the gentle, iconic Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi, it's to cast bigger and more manic -- and that's just what they've done. According to Variety, "Rush Hour" star Jackie Chan is in final negotiations to train Jaden Smith in the delicate art of the crane kick.

They've also hired a director. Harald Zwart ("The Pink Panther 2’) will direct the film. The film will begin shooting early this summer in Beijing, and will obviously keep the original character names as well as the storyline.

The casting of Chan (as well as the Beijing location) really does indicate what big and flashy direction the remake intends to go in. While the original wasn't Shakespeare, it's charm was really its 80s simplicity -- and it's that angle that managed to earn Pat Morita a Best Supporting Actor nomination in 1985. (Hey, the Academy was really big fans of the "wax on, wax off" philosophy.)

I can't say I ever held out hope for this remake, but with all due respect to the Smiths and to Chan, every announcement from its production just stresseshow silly this project really is.

MTV readers, am I wrong -- do you think The Karate Kid remake is a fantastic idea, particularly now that Chan has come aboard? Or do you think the 80s classic needs to be left alone?