Sundance: Bromance Blossoms In 'Humpday' -- Watch An Exclusive Clip!

'Humpday'Lynn Shelton's "Humpday" is already generating buzz, and it hasn't even hit Sundance yet. The film will premiere at the festival (and we'll be bringing you the exclusive trailer when it does), but for now we've got an exclusive clip of this bromantic comedy and an intro from the director herself.

Lynn Shelton: "Straight guys can be funny fellows. Don't get me wrong, I love 'em to death, but the way they seem capable of turning any situation into a game of one-upmanship--even with their closest buddies--can be a pretty awesome spectacle. 'Humpday' takes this syndrome of hetero guy competitiveness to a new, ironic extreme: two straight friends outduding each other by attempting to do each other." Check it out after the jump.