Our Favorite Awkward, Beautiful And Enlightening Golden Globes Moments

Mickey RourkeFROM THE NEWSROOM: You know how everyone always talks about how insane and mind-bogglingly surreal awards-show red carpets are? As the long-time king of camp cynicism, I was ready to chalk all that up as just more Ryan Seacrest hyperbole (not everything can be that amazing, can it?).

I stand corrected. Last night was my first tangle with the Golden Globes carpet. (Oscar-nominated director Stephen Daldry: “Aw, you’re a virgin!”) And dare I say it? It was a draw. Here, now, are some of the shenanigans that transpired. Relive it with me, why don’t you?

» In my seven-second interview with Mickey Rourke, I got him to talk "Iron Man 2” for the first time. Sort of. That was only to be outdone by my “interview” with Angelina Jolie. Total words uttered by Angie? One. That’s all you need when you’re one half of Brangelina.

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