Drew Barrymore: About Your Hair At The Golden Globes ...

Drew BarrymoreDear Drew,

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the '80s (besides banana clips). And I'm sure everyone who went to their prom during that decade had just as much good, clean fun as I did at mine [Editor's note: Speak for yourself, Rachel!]. But that doesn't mean you should bring it back to haunt fashionistas everywhere, Drew Barrymore, now that most of those pictures have long been burned.

The more I stare at your Golden Globe look from last night, the more I realize that this disaster had nothing to do with your dress. The gown was lovely, elegant, even a little edgy. Your makeup was fine, even though I personally wouldn't have chosen a blue shadow.

But! The! Hair!

Sweetheart, birds nest hair hasn't seen the light of day on a Hollywood star under the age of 60 for almost 20 years — and even then, it was largely the '80s channeling the 1950s. Most of our commenters said that your hair aged you — and one said you looked 65! Mathematically speaking, the width of your head, including your 'do, should never be twice as wide as your face, if you want to be taken seriously.

Fire your hair person and hold your chin up high, Drew. Awards season is far from over, and if you knock our socks off in the next few weeks, no one — er, except the Internet — will remember this mishap.

Am I being too harsh? Should we give Drew another chance? Let me know in the comments below, and check out the other hits and misses from the Golden Globes red carpet, as well as the Miley vs. Drew show down on Buzzworthy.