'Tron' Sequel Will Be Like 'Nothing [You've] Ever Seen Before In Film,' Promises Olivia Wilde

Whatever the forthcoming "Tron" sequel ends up calling itself, one thing is clear: fans are anxiously -- and cautiously -- following the project. We've been no exception, covering everything from the initial announcement to the casting of Bruce Boxleitner and his new generation of co-stars. But it won't be just fresh faces that audiences will be contending with...according to one cast member the entire film will be unlike anything we've ever seen.

"It's going to be a kind of revolution in filmmaking and film watching," Olivia Wilde promised MTV News on the Golden Globes red carpet.

"Now that everyone has such great entertainment systems in their house," she continued, "they don't need to go to the movies anymore, but we're going to give them a reason to. Not only will it be 3-D, but they'll be seeing things they've never seen before in film."

Recently, we learned the "Tron 2” production is shying away from green-screen in favor of actual sets, and Wilde says the end result will -- more or less -- blow your mind. "It's beyond 21st century," she stated. "I don't know what century we're in but it's new."

If that wasn't enough, Wilde maintains the reverberations from the sequel will extend far beyond the Hollywood hills. "It'll really, I think, spark not only excitement in the film community but also in the fashion community. I mean the stuff that they've designed is so incredible that I think it's going to have a ripple effect and people will be very inspired."

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