We're Live-Blogging From The Golden Globes Red Carpet!

Maria MenounosHi All! It's Jocelyn Vena here, MTV News fashionista for the evening. I'm here to share my thoughts on tonight's hits and misses as the celebrities roll up on the Golden Globes red carpet. (And of course, you're here to tell me if you agree or disagree, so speak up in the comments section!) I can't wait to see what everyone is wearing!

6:01 p.m.: The first man to hit the carpet is ... Ricky Gervais!! Yay! He's look fab in a simple Calvin Klein suit and tie. Very classy!

6:05: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, also in a black suit and tie. There must be some United Kingdom dress code that these guys are sticking to. JRM's jacket looks a little big for him though.

6:11: Kevin Connolly. Another dude? Where are the girls and their gowns? I want gowns!

6:14: Hey, it's Benjamin Button's mom, Taraji P. Henson! We have our first gown! And, it's sparkly and black.

6:22: Jenna Fischer. "Office" peeps! She's in a floral gown. I am unsure of my feelings about it, but I don't think it photographs well. Also spied: some "Slumdog" castmates stepping onto the carpet looking dashing.

Rumor Willis

6:30: Rumer Willis is Miss Golden Globe. There aren’t words to really explain her getup except that her hair matches her gown, both maroon. Faux pas? Perhaps. And by perhaps we mean, definitely.

6:31: Ahhh, the "Slumdog" cast up-close and personal. The dudes are in black ties, but Freida Pinto looks lovely in a mustard-colored gown. Very modern fit, liking that.

6:39: Alex Baldwin's wearing the same thing as every other guy. I've moved on. ... Where are Brad and Angelina? Seriously!

6:45: We here at MTV News feel sorry for Eva Longoria's boobs. She complained to Ryan that she's sucking in for the dress to fit. That's pretty obvious.

6:48: Aaron Eckhart would make Harvey Dent proud in his tux and bow tie. Nice!

Olivia Wilde

6:50: Olivia Wilde looks like Barbie. For reals, I didn't know that Simon Baker from "The Mentalist" is Australian. Dashing in his custom-made suit.

But OMG! The JONAS BROTHERS!!!!! And they're dressed to kill. We're going to have further analysis on them shortly.

6:55: Evan Rachel Wood looks tres chic in her black, low-cut sparkly gown. But perhaps her hair and makeup verge on too mature.

6:59: Debra Messing's black halter gown is cute, but her unkempt ponytail (did her stylist forget to brush her hair?) bothers me. Just spied Amanda Seyfried in what looks to be a pale-pink one-shoulder dress. Lovely.

7:03: Susan Sarandon wearing what looks to be a velvet tuxedo. Interesting.

Adam Adams

7:05: Loving Amy Adams in a black and sparkly Oscar de la Renta ball gown. I want it now! Can I have it? I’m swooning for it.

7:08: Anna Paquin looks blah in a dull, dark-purple gown. Next up is Christina Applegate in a gold gown and the coolest diamond flower necklace ever. In the background, I just saw Diddy doing his best James Bond impression. And now Elizabeth Banks in a "blush" gown but it's not making me blush. It feels like an overdone silhouette.

7:12: Rainn Wilson is being different with his silver tie. Eh. Still, I'm thinking, "Where is Brangelina?" I just saw Leo for a split second. Tracy Morgan in a white tux. How sophisticated!

7:16: Stunning: Maggie Gyllenhaal's one-shouldered Lanvin gown in a blue sort of leopard print with a flower bow on the shoulder. It makes her stand out. As does the elegant way she answered the Heath Ledger question.

Anna Paquin

7:18: There's Jeremy Piven. We hope he's recovered from that mercury poisoning. Keep that man away from the sushi! Drew Barrymore's hair is giving off the impression of hot mess, emphasis on the mess. (Maybe that's part of the "Grey Gardens" promotion. Since when is she a method actor?) Jessica Lange looks classy in a black Grecian gown.

7:20: I like Hayden Panettierre's deep-purple strapless dress. The bodice has some nice sequined detailing, which makes it look modern and young.

The Jonas Brothers are next. Nick's not wearing a tie, Joe is in a regular tie and purple shirt, and Kevin went all out in a bow tie and tux. We're naming him the best-dressed JoBro.

7:30: America Ferrera taking a chance in an asymmetrical dress straight from Planet Mars. Now, Kyra Sedgwick, lovely in body-hugging red, and Eva Mendes in white are meeting. Eva's bouffant is scaring me.

7:31: A titanic moment: Kate and Leo! Leo is a gentleman in his suit and tie (his hair is looking a bit silver in this light, adding to his distinguished look). Kate is in a black strapless gown with an unexpected neckline. OMG! Just spotted Brad and Angelina. I hope I can get a better look at them, 'cause I only saw them for a split second. Angie was in what appeared to be sparkly silver.

7:33: Anne Hathaway looks elegant in a navy, strapless Armani Prive gown. The way the dress flares out is very classic, and Anne can pull it off.

7:38: Marisa Tomei is wearing the pirate shirt from "Seinfeld." Shiver me timbers!


7:40: Zac Efron! Giving the JoBros a run for their money in his black suit and skinny tie. All we can see of Vanessa Hudgens is her hair, and it looks like she needed to wash it. Hey, it's Beyoncé she loves sparkly things, and this year is no different. Pink, which works for her.

7:42: Penelope Cruz also appears to be in a nude-colored strapless dress. Lots of beading. Penelope always seems to go for sophisticated; probably because it works for her.

We've just been informed that Brangelina were rushed down the carpet. Sigh!

7:48: Just saw Ren#233;e Zellweger. I wonder if she was inspired by "Twilight." She certainly reminded me of a vampire in her straight, black gown.

7:52: Piven's back and his there with his mom. He's always there with his mom. He doesn't want to talk about his mercury poisoning, understandably. He's in the night's staple: black suit and tie.

7:53: Tom Cruise, in a suit (what else is a guy supposed to wear?) with his mom. Katie didn't get mercury poisoning and is still in her Broadway show. Megan Fox thinks she looks like a tranny! I think she looks great in gold. We saw Blake Lively real quick in what looked like periwinkle. Nice choice.

7:58: Just got to see J.Lo's dress. She looks like a showgirl in her gold sequined, low cut dress. And I got a quick glimpse of Kate Beckinsale and Sandra Bullock, both in white.

8:00: The carpet is closed. Let show the begin!

The dudes pretty much all looked the same, and really, most of the ladies were completely lovely. Surprisingly, no major fashion disasters were immediately visible. If you missed anything, here are the highlights from the Golden Globes red carpet.