EXCLUSIVE: Danny Elfman To Score 'Terminator Salvation'

Terminator SalvationCast your expectations aside for the score to May’s “Terminator Salvation.” Danny Elfman has confirmed exclusively for MTV News that he will be composing the music for McG’s new post-nuclear-holocaust Terminator installment of the blockbuster franchise.

“I just started yesterday,” Elfman told MTV News from the red carpet of the Critics’ Choice Awards. The Academy Award nominated composer from films like “Good Will Hunting,” “The Corpse Bride” and “Batman” indicated that the original “Terminator” theme by composer Brad Fiedel was not in use yet; nor is there mandate to incorporate the classic symphonic hook. He did, however, leave the door open for its appearance.

“I think if it comes up and it seems appropriate, we will [use it],” Elman said. “And if it doesn't, we [won't]. I never really know what to expect when I begin other than just kind of get into it and have fun. Especially a movie like “T4” – just have fun. So that's what I intend to do.”

Last month we brought you exclusive word that the “Salvation” soundtrack will also include a track by the film’s star, hip-hop artist Common. The rapper plays the role of Barnes, a freedom fighter who battles Skynet alongside John Connors.

Elfman has the magic touch when it comes showcasing the monumentally bizarre and violently solemn moments on screen in his music. Right now, it’s obvious “Terminator: Salvation” will be breaking out the big sound guns for its score. And the sentiment was definitely echoed in Elfman’s response to the screening he recently saw.

The composer for all three “Spider-Man” films had one word for it: “Exciting.”

So do you think Elfman is a good pick for one of 2009’s most ambitious sci-fi/action sequels? Do you want to hear the original “Terminator” theme used in his score? Let us know below in the comment section!