Amanda Seyfried And Liam Neeson Will Cheat Their Way Through ‘Chloe’

Would you cheat on your wife if Amanda Seyfried tempted to you? That’s the dangerous game Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, and Seyfried will be playing in “Chloe,” a film the trio has just joined according to Variety.

A remake of the French film “Nathalie,” Moore will play a wife who is suspicious her husband (played by Neeson) is having an affair. She decides to test his faithfulness with the spectacularly bad idea of hiring an escort to tempt him.

The decision makes her life not only complicated, but puts her family in danger. The original French film was heavier on the romance and slimmer on the danger, so it’s likely being altered into an American thriller.

The movie will be directed by Atom Egoyan from a script by Erin Cressida Wilson. It’s a bit of a father-son project, as Ivan Reitman aquired the remake rights to “Nathalie” four years ago, and will produce it with his son, Jason.

The film begins shooting on February 9th in Toronto.

Readers, would you dare to hire the lovely Seyfried to test your man’s fidelity? Can the “Mamma Mia!” star tempt you to see this one, or does it sound too dark and depressing?

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