The Next Object Of Your 'Twilight' Obsession: Edward Cullen Dolls

Edward Cullen doll

We're already cringing at the implications of this one, but now you can get your hands all over a fully poseable version of Edward Cullen.

Or, more specifically, two fully poseable Cullens — one in standard action-figure form and the other of the deluxe, hand-painted figurine variety. Thanks to the good folks at Hot Topic and Tonner Character Figurines, "Twilight" fans can now preorder their very own version of the brooding "Twilight" star.

The Hot Topic figure stands 11.5 inches tall, has "beautiful articulation" (of course) and retails for $16.99 (he also kind of looks like Luke Perry). He's decked out in a blue button-up, jeans and a peacoat, and packaged with an exclusive Cullen family crest. The 17-inch limited-edition Tonner doll costs a bit more (like, $139.99), but that's 'cause he's hand-sculpted from the likeness of "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson and comes with "rooted saran hair" (what does that even mean?). He sports 14 points of articulation, and comes dressed in a T-shirt, jeans and shoes "with working laces." Tonner also has a Bella doll that's a whole 2 inches shorter and has the same sorts of details (hope she won't trip on the laces!).

The Hot Topic Cullen is due in stores on January 20. The Tonner version doesn't have an exact due date (more like "spring") but can be preordered also.

Of course, all of this begs the question: Which "Twilight" character should they immortalize in plastic next?