Garrett Hedlund Snags 'Tron 2’ Lead, Olivia Wilde Reveals Plot Hints

Garrett HedlundAfter its debut at San Diego ComicCon 2008, "Tron" (formerly "Tron 2” and "Tr2n") is poised to become one of the most talked about movies in production this year. Now, it finally has a leading man to fix the buzz on.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Garrett Hedlund will be the main character, a man who finds himself pulled into a computer, where he will retrace the steps of Kevin Flynn, the protagonist of the original "Tron." We reported earlier that Jeff Bridges will reprise his 1982 role of Flynn alongside his original co-star Bruce Boxleitner, and that they'll be joined by actresses Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett.

Meanwhile, over at Sci Fi Wire, Hedlund's lovely costar Olivia Wilde talked about the film, and gave a few hints as to what fans can expect, and what not to believe. The early description of her character as being a rebel against the Master Control Program isn't entirely accurate, for one. "I can't confirm or deny that. I tell you, it's not a great description. I don't know who made it up. Someone's grasping for straws there. But ... I'm so excited I wish I could just unload the whole thing on you."

Most surprising of all is Wilde's revelation that a film based around virtual reality won't be filmed against green screen, but have constructed sets. "They're going to build a huge amount of the set ... With something like "Tron" I think it helps to create the environment as much as possible without too much green screen so that these characters can exist within this world ... I think, for a lot of the characters, the world of "Tron" is their only world, and they don't know anything beyond it, and creating a world of "Tron" that is as intricate and solid as possible kind of helps that along."

How psyched are you for "Tron 2” folks? Speak your mind below.