Kate Hudson And Anne Hathaway Present: 'Bride Wars' Sticker Shock, By Kurt Loder

NEW YORK -- The reason the afterparty for Monday night’s “Bride Wars” premiere was held at Tiffany’s is entirely uncomplicated: the movie is, among other things, an extended product-placement exercise on behalf of that fabled Manhattan blingery. Nothing new here, really. The company has been a pop-culture byword among bridal daydreamers ever since the 1961 film version of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” the Truman Capote novel; and it’s longingly referenced to this day in the weekly annals of “Gossip Girl.”

So outside the big Broadway movie theater where the “Bride Wars” premiere was held, the arrival carpet was trademark Tiffany Blue; and after the screening, the audience – which, to judge by the targeted cheering heard during the film’s opening credits, was largely in a first-name relationship with the filmmakers – shuttled off to the company’s glittery Fifth Avenue headquarters bearing invitation-only admission tickets of that same babyish hue. (Tiffany Blue actually is a trademarked color, so watch it.)

Inside, the movie’s stars, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson and Kristen Johnston (displaying some alarming weight-droppage), amiably allowed themselves to be backed into corners by sycophantic but presumably harmless well-wishers, while waitrons circled the showroom bearing endless trays of dangerous blue martinis.

Movies Blog, however, was on a mission, and we made our way directly to the display counter featuring the Tiffany Novo engagement ring – the one sported so fetchingly by Kate Hudson in the movie. If a rock like this is every girl’s dream (one of the picture’s unspoken assumptions), then men everywhere are in trouble. The ring’s centerpiece is a diamond the size of a plump pea – more than five carats. That being insufficiently fabulous, apparently, this showpiece stone is shored up on each side by eight more diamonds – smaller, but similarly unshabby. How much could a thing like this cost? Guess. No, guess again. Okay – it costs $388,000. Steady, dude. Here, have a blue martini. It’s free.