Ashley Greene Eager To 'Shrink' Sundance With Kevin Spacey

Ashley GreeneAs we turn the calendar page, MTV is spending this entire week looking forward to the most promising films of 2009. Keep checking back for lists of our most anticipated blockbusters, comedies and so forth – but today we kick off the festivities with a very special list: The 10 Most Eagerly Anticipated 2009 Films From the “Twilight” Stars.

One of the entrants is “Shrink,” an under-the-radar indie that began building buzz recently when it was chosen for this month’s Sundance Film Festival. Within hours, Twilighters began wondering about this dramedy that stars not only Kevin Spacey and Keke Palmer, but their very own Ashley Greene.

“’Shrink’ I did a while ago. I’m excited that it’s going,” explained the artist sometimes known as Alice Cullen when we caught up with her recently. “But we all had an idea that it would – the cast is amazing.”

Die-hard Twilighters are already making plans to trek to Park City to see the first showings of the film (and KStew’s “Adventureland”), which made the appreciative actress’ smile grow even larger than usual. “I’ve got my own fanbase; that’s amazing!” she laughed. “That’s why I love my life right now.”

She did, however, caution such fans that her “Shrink” appearance is a brief one. “It’s really not a large part at all,” Greene revealed. “I met with the director, and I didn’t get the original part I was going out for. But he liked me enough and was nice enough to put me in the film as a character named Lucy.”

In the film, Spacey plays a psychiatrist to some of Hollywood’s top stars and agents – and on the periphery of his la-la-land friends and patients, Greene’s character comes into play. “You see her in [the Hollywood talent agency] CAA, and there’s this whole thing about a Hardee’s commercial girl. It’s very bizarre,” she said. “But I’m excited to be a part of it, with such a great cast.”

And that cast is top-lined by the double Oscar winner who created Verbal Kint, Lester Burnham, Jack Vincennes and others. “I’ll be starstruck, because I didn’t get to actually meet Kevin,” Greene revealed. “When I was working, my scene wasn’t with him. I’ll feel like one of his little fans.”

That is, if she can make it to Sundance to help promote “Shrink” in the middle of her busy schedule shooting “Warrior” ( opposite Kellan Lutz. “I’m going to try [to get to Park City] if it doesn’t conflict with the film I’m doing now,” she explained, promising she’d meet up with MTV if she gets up there. “My manager is going and has a house up there, and we’re planning on going. If possible, I want to go at least for a day or two, if not the whole time.”

Okay Twilighters, you know about “Shrink,” “Little Ashes,” “Pandorum” and all the other upcoming films the “Twilight” stars have coming out in 2009. So check out our top 10 list, and then post your own list below!