Does Scarlett Johansson Have Enough 'Spirit' To Triumph At Box Office?

What's certainly one of the most interesting films of the year has finally arrived. Comic book legend Frank Miller's adaptation of "The Spirit" (from the even more legendary Will Eisner) has faced a closely-watched ride to the box office. As soon as the first trailer premiered here on, fans were already wondering whether the style Miller applied so perfectly to "Sin City" was the right move for a renowned superhero character from the 1940s.

Audiences (and Kurt Loder) will answer that question, but one thing's for sure: Miller's impressive cast stands behind the film. In our exclusive interview after the jump, stars Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson talk shop about their villainous characters, and then move on to their musical aspirations and whether they'll be gracing the stage of Obama's inauguration (click here for all that). For those who grab a ticket, don't forget to return with your thoughts.