'Tron 2.0’ Adds Original Castmember Bruce Boxleitner To Roster

Bruce Boxleitner in 'Tron'If any fans of the original "Tron" were worried this would be more of a flashy remake than a sequel, with pretty young things replacing their 80s favorites, they can take heart. ComingSoon.net reports that Bruce Boxleitner has joined the cast, reuniting with his co-star Jeff Bridges.

It's easy to figure out who Boxleitner is probably playing -- Tron himself. Yes, the title actually refers to a character, the program-within-a-program that must help Kevin Flynn survive the deadly computer game he was sucked into. Boxleitner played Tron and his human designer, Alan Bradley. What can I say? It was the Matrix before the Matrix, readers.

While plot details are being kept top secret, "Tron 2.0” is supposed to be the next chapter of virtual reality. Last week, we told you Olivia Wilde was playing a cyberspace worker who joins in the fight against the MCP, and that Beau Garrett was playing a virtual siren.

While the Master Control Program was supposedly defeated in the first film, it obviously resurrects -- and if the test footage shown at San Diego Comic-Con, and the actresses' roles are any indication of where the plot might go, it might be a world where people go voluntarily ... only to find that it's not all fun and computer games.

What role Tron/Bradley play in that, we can only guess. Will he be a corrupted programer, controlling the MCP? Will the MCP control him? Who knows! But wondering is half of the Movie Blog, right?

MTV readers, are you interested in "Tron 2.0” at all? Got any guesses as to what it might be about? Or are you bored with virtual reality after the trainwreck of "The Matrix" trilogy?