'Night at the Museum 2’ Director Reveals Who He Wanted To Bring Alive For Sequel, But Didn't

Ben Stiller in 'Night at the Museum'“Everything comes to life,” “Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian director Shawn Levy boasted to MTV News from the middle of an exact replica of the Air and Space Museum. “Everything.”

But in reality, it’s not everything. There’s Amelia Earhart’s plane, and look, there’s Amelia Earhart (played by Amy Adams). There's Hank Azaria as an Egyptian pharaoh. There’s the Wright Brother’s plane, and there’s the Wright Brothers (played by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon). There’s the Apollo 11 Lunar Module. There’s…wait a minute, just where are Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin?

Turns out, Levy wanted to include the pair but, in the end thought that even in a movie where everything comes to life, there are some things that just shouldn’t.

“We actually had a whole Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong thing, where we were going to have them get into a wrestling match at the door of the capsule, like who goes first,” Levy said of a planned cameo from the lunar trotting pair. “But we thought it would be historically blasphemous!”

And this from a man who had Teddy Roosevelt fall in love with Sacajawea in the original.

What historical figure are you most looking forward to seeing come alive in “Night at the Museum 2”? What do you think of the movie now that you’ve read our set report? Sound off on your thoughts below.