'Die Hard' & '48 Hours' Writer Goes Online For 'Unknown Sender' Web Series

'Unknown Sender'Ask celebrated "Die Hard" and "48 Hours" screenwriter Steven de Souza about the theme of his new, episodic online series "Unknown Sender," and he'll tell you it's simply an old favorite -- but with a modern-day twist and some familiar faces.

"Back in the day, we had a show called 'The Twilight Zone,' where strange stories took place in that conceptual domain called 'The Twilight Zone,'" de Souza told MTV. "We also had another domain called 'The Outer Limits' -- which was maybe two freeway exits past Twilight Zone. But what is the domain where strange, weird things come to us in the Internet age? You already know the answer: 'Unknown Sender.'"

The sixth episode of "Unknown Sender" goes live today, and like many of the other series sharing a home on Strike.TV -- the online "channel" conceived during the '07-'08 strike by members of the Writers Guild of America -- it features a cast of notables from the television and film industries. After the jump, check out a new image from the latest episode, "Spin Cycle," featuring Mindy Sterling (Frau Farbissina in the "Austin Powers" films) and comedian Jay Davis ("Tourgasm").

'Unknown Sender' Episode #6, 'Spin Cycle'

While previous 10-minute episodes of the series featured "Jams Bond" actor Timothy Dalton and "Walk Hard" actress Amy Main, other series on Strike.TV include a serialized program by members of the cast and crew of "The Office" and a horror series by "Chucky" filmmaker Tom Holland.

"These are standalone stories in which people try something they’ve wanted to do as an actor, writer, performer or musician," de Souza told MTV. "Top people jumped in here because it was a fun thing to do. We’re all movie people and we all have gross points."

As for "Unknown Sender," de Souza said the idea for the series was born from a scenario that repeats itself every day around the world.

"Haven’t you looked in your email box and seen something from 'unknown sender' and said, 'What the hell is this?'" laughed de Souza. "You’re afraid to open it -- and for good reason. My slogan is: 'Unknown Sender: Where Found Footage Finds You.'"

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