Benicio Del Toro Goes Old School For 'Wolf Man,' Declares No Monster Cameos

'The Wolf Man'Contributed by Rodrigo Perez

Earlier this year, Emily Blunt insisted that the Joe Johnston-helmed, “The Wolf Man,” would not be your average campy monster movie. "It's a period gothic Werewolf story,” she told MTV. “It's really good, it's really smart.”

Now we’ve heard from the monster himself, star Benicio Del Toro, and he echoes this authenticity sentiment. The actor who will play Lawrence Talbot (the man who eventually turns into a wolf) and says the production is kicking it old school, vintage style.

“[When I did my research], I definitely looked at what Lon Chaney Jr. did in the original ‘Wolf Man’ and the movie,” Del Toro told MTV News. “I also looked at the ‘Werewolf of London,’ the Henry Hull movie, which was made maybe 6 years before in 1935, and looked ‘Curse of the Werewolf’ with Oliver Reed.”

While they are staying faithful to the aforementioned 1941 Chaney Jr. version (generally accepted as the “classic” Wolf man movie), he notes that there will be some minor deviations from the story that center around actor Sir Anthony Hopkins who plays his father in the film. He spills some background details on the characters and notes that he and the legendary thespian won’t be playing very nice together either.

“Anthony Hopkins’ role was [originally] played by Claude Rains and the relationship between Rains and Lon Chaney Jr was a good father and son [relationship]. In [our version], its definitely fractured, I’m like the prodigal son, I’ve been gone, he sent me away when I was a child and I haven’t seen him in twenty six years and I can home again to visit my brother who’s missing, but I [also play an] actor too which is also different.”

Don’t expect other monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein or the Mummy to walk into the frame either.

“ You mean, the guy named Dracula waiting in the taxi outside?,” Del Toro cracked? “No, there’s no other monsters coming into play, that’s maybe down the line.”

Down the line, huh? Would you like to see the Wolf man square off against other legendary monsters ala the Monster Mash or does that make the film seem too unrealistic? “The Wolf Man” is expected to hit theaters November 6, 2009.