Taylor Lautner Continues His Campaign To Join 'Twilight' Sequel

Taylor LautnerWe already know that the overwhelming majority of the "Twilight" community wants Taylor Lautner back as Jacob Black. Our poll with over 30,000 votes is a good indication. And naturally, of course, Lautner also wants to continue in the role.

Now, for the first time since the casting controversy broke, Lautner has spoken exclusively to MTV News about bulking up for the "New Moon" part (he's already up 19lbs of muscle, he says), and his overall enthusiasm for continuing as the figurehead of Team Jacob.

So click here to read our brand new interview with Taylor Lautner over on MTV.com, and after the jump see a video of Taylor discussing just that. And if you're a female Twilighter, don't forget to send in your video reaction to being named MTV News' 2008 Woman of the Year!