Barry Sonnenfeld 'Saves The World' With Alien Invasion Comedy

Barry SonnenfeldBarry Sonnenfeld is finally returning to sci-fi -- and directing his first movie in two years. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sonnenfeld has signed on to direct "The How-To Guide for Saving the World" for MGM/UA. But what has everyone on the Internet really excited is the script. Penned by BenDavid Grabinski, it was one of the hottest screenplays kicking around Hollywood, and was a star of this year's Black List. (The Black List is a yearly ranking of such unproduced scripts, a list that often proves to be a who's who of up and comers.)

"Guide" centers on a young loser named Sylvester, who stumbles upon a book with instructions on how to prevent an alien invasion. Naturally, he ends up quickly having to put the manual into use. According to Sonnenfeld, he was drawn to the story because of its ordinary and dorky hero.

"I loved the writing and the concept: What would happen if, one afternoon, the secret group that protects Earth from alien invaders was wiped out?" Sonnenfeld said. "Fortunately, they left behind an instruction manual for saving Earth. Unfortunately, a non-action-hero guy -- not unlike me in terms of manliness -- and a woman who hates him find the book and have to save the planet from an impending attack."

Sonnenfeld has a style of that would lend itself really well to the absurdity of the script -- if he can keep it in "Men in Black" territory and avoid the "Wild Wild West" pitfalls. And wouldn't a dorky hero be a nice change from those ripped superheroes?

MTV readers, are you looking forward to seeing Sonnenfeld tackle aliens again? Or do you fear this will just turn into "Men in Black 2"?