Tracy Morgan Becomes Nigerian Prince For E-Mail Scam Flick 'Roommates'

Tracy MorganThe most famous scam on the Internet is now going to be a Tracy Morgan comedy. According to Variety, Morgan and T.J. Miller (better known as Hud the cameraman in "Cloverfield") have signed on to star in "Roommates" for Paramount Pictures.

The comedy is centered around the famous Nigerian e-mail scams -- the ones where a prince, princess, prime minister, or political refugee e-mails you promising you millions if you would help them smuggle their money out of the country using your own bank account. For Miller's drunken freshman, it doesn't seem suspicious at all, and he replies offering to help a Nigerian prince access a lost fortune.

It turns out the prince is the real deal, the spoiled son of a deposed dictator, and he lands on Miller's doorstep demanding his help in securing his inheritance.

Standup veterans John Mulaney and Nick Kroll wrote the screenplay with Morgan in mind, so expect the spoiled prince to probably be a variation of Morgan's insane "30 Rock" persona. While the story is certainly original, it would be comforting if Tina Fey was the pen behind it, and not anyone associated with the terrifying series "Cavemen." But hey, we'll forgive that if they make the "Tropic Thunder" of Internet scam stories.

MTV readers -- can Morgan carry his own manic comedy? Or can you take him only in small "30 Rock" doses?