Michael Copon, Ben Barnes Or Others? Who Are Your Dream 'Twilight' Series Stars?

Ben Barnes in 'The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian'Sometimes trading is cool, like when I collected baseball cards as a kid and conned my friend into giving me a Don Mattingly rookie card for Dave Sax. Other times, it can be pretty annoying – like in movie sequels where they’ve swapped Keanu Reeves for Jason Patric, Michael Keaton for Val Kilmer, or Jim Carrey for Jamie Kennedy, Steve Carell or anybody else.

Nowadays, a lot of trading, swapping and shuffling is going on in the “Twilight” universe, starting with the director of the hit films. And with the attention now turning to the actors who’ll appear in front of Chris Weitz’s camera, we’ve just published a new report on two hot young stars who might be headlining “New Moon.”

Would Michael Copon be a more-appropriate-looking Jacob Black than Taylor Lautner? Perhaps. But we’ve interviewed the 16-year-old “Taycob” enough times to know that Chris Weitz will never find anyone who feels more passionately about the role. Whether passion equals success is up for debate, but it seems to me that no matter how much more muscular and wolf-like Copon might be, the best he could hope for is a tie.

Will Ben Barnes be the same Aro you’ve dreamt of since the first time you picked up the “New Moon” novel? Again, I welcome you folks to debate it. But all I can say is that “Prince Caspian” showed him to be a pretty talented actor, and I know that lots of Twilighters are also big fans of the 27-year-old Brit, who has said in the past that he would’ve loved to have starred in “Twilight,” but was too old.

On a personal note: A lot of you guys have written to me in the frenzied last week, offering your opinions in favor of a person or against them. Some have tried petitions, others have begun Facebook pages, and most have asked for suggestions on how to make your voices heard.

Well if time has shown us one thing, it’s that Summit and Stephenie and the actors, as well as so many other people involved with the film, follow the “Twilight” news on MTV just as closely as you do. And in this pivotal time of casting, it’s never been more important to make your voice heard.

Michael Copon? Ben Barnes? Any other actors you’d recommend or shoot down? Here’s your place to speak, Twilighters!

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